Prestfax Traduceri is a company of authorized translations and interpretation services, present on the market since year 2000

The specialization principle finds its applicability with respect to our translators: our translators are authorized, specialized on translation fields, native speakers of the language into/from which the translation is performed, such as the translations in the legal field (legislation, contracts, constitutive acts, procedural acts etc.) are performed by authorized translators – graduates of legal science universities; the translations in the economic field (financial, accounting, banking, business, management, marketing, trade, tourism etc.) are performed by authorized translators – graduates of economic universities etc. Our company supplies integrated authorized translations services for individuals and legal entities.

Prestfax Traduceri - Professionalism, accuracy, promptness and confidentiality! We do not merely translate words, we communicate ideas!

Translations in the fields​

Technical Business Legislation Legal Economic Banking Medical Financial Accounting


Translations Correction with native-speaking translators Interpretations Text processingLegalizations Copying and Printing

Translation time​

Each project is analyzed individually. In case of emergencies, the translation can be performed within a few hours (3 – 4 hours).

Languages into / from which we translate

Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese, Danish, English, Hebrew, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Hungarian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

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